Greenleaf Season 6: Is It Cancelled?

greenleaf season 6

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Greenleaf Season 6 is a fictional family drama series which chronicles the happenings of the various members of the Greenleaf clan as they struggle to keep their familial secrets and scandals from unraveling within the walls of their affluent Megachurch. The intricate world of this affluent family revolves around their youngest daughter, Lady Mae, and her brother Bishop, both of whom become very close to the church’s youngest member, Jordon. When their estranged daughter accidentally bumps into Jordon in the mall, the two immediately form an unlikely bond. But when their pastor calls for a vote of no confidence against their daughter, the entire family must confront their complicated relationship with religion and each other in order to come out on top.

This novel is part of Greenleaf’s six part mystery drama series, and is set in the fictional town of Greenleaf. The season is broken up between four episodes, with each featuring a different genre of mystery and intrigue. While all of them are engrossing, “epsisodes” take the story in a new direction, as fans of the show will notice. As a result, the show becomes much more paced, and some of the scenes are even emotional, especially those dealing with the painful secrets of some of Greenleaf’s family members.

One of the most notable changes in the series in season 6 is the drastic change of format. For the first time ever, a television show has divided its seasons into four separate parts. In this case, the long story was separated into four separate episodes. This move seems to have paid off, because many viewers loved the opportunity to get lost in the story for a bit. It was refreshing to see the characters expand, while still maintaining a sense of mystery regarding where each character fits within the larger context of the series.

The good news is, this season 6 doesn’t feature any kind of traditional serial format. Episodes run about an hour long, and there is a lot of information to take in. After all, this is Greenleaf. There’s also a lot of time to build up the relationships between the main characters, as well as plenty of twists and turns. These good things all combine to make this a very intense and emotional series to watch. In fact, it’s one of my favorite to watch, especially considering the fact that the TV show has lasted for five seasons.

While there wasn’t a full spoilery breakdown on the website or at the wrap party, I got enough of a peek at the June episode to know that we’ll finally meet a familiar face. The series will also introduce a couple of new characters that will most likely become regulars in the coming seasons, including Max and Rachel. The question that everyone is wondering is, where does June go from being a fan favorite and someone who was officially canceled after the first season?

According to the official website, the answer is… we won’t see June again in Greenleaf. Though the website didn’t provide any reasoning as to why June was suddenly gone from the show, I believe it’s because she wasn’t picked for a spin-off series. At least, I hope that’s the reason, because I love this girl and I want to see what happens in the future.

There are some Greenleaf die-hards who’ve already been very excited about the upcoming spin-off series. I can understand their excitement because they truly believe that there is still more left in the season. They saw the development of Max and Rachel, and they’re hoping for more of that. But for some fans, seeing that the parents were indeed killed by the Scrubs’ Shanks, it would mean that the story is over for them. It doesn’t make much sense for the show to come back if the viewers already know what happens next.

I personally believe that it’s better to leave things open for a possible sixth season, because if Greenleaf gets another chance, they can redeem themselves and redeem their poor ratings. It may be difficult for the network to greenlight it because of all the complaints from their audience during the summer, but I believe it will be worth it in the end. If they do greenlight it though, I’ll be sure to be watching. Who knows, it may lead to another great series like Glee, or even another move by Jason Lee onto his own show.