Fall of Baladon Book Review

Fall of Baladon Book Review

For those unfamiliar with the series of books set in the world of The Fall of Giants by Philip Pullman, or with the television show of the same name, The Fall of Baladon is a fantasy book series about a young man who falls in love. It is a fantasy with elements of horror, but also a strong love story. It was created by Philip Pullman and written as a sequel to The Golden Compass. The TV show adaptation has been hugely successful, earning more than three hundred million for its producers, and has been made into a movie and several other media. So what is the series about?

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In The Fall of Baladon, the first book in the series, we return to the world of our protagonist, newly-crowned king of Galadria. Johannes Cabal, a young necromancer of some minor infamy, now has control of a major key clue that might lead him to his goal: a magical cure for eternal life. The trail leading to this treasure is strewn with the bodies of his dead family members, who were slaughtered while he was still young. Now, he must fight to not only save the key, but also to protect his kingdom from the machinations of evil people such asivan and Isabella Duplessis, the latest in a line of evil rulers. The Red Pill, a mysterious and powerful sorceress, also plays a role, as does the mysterious Hellequin, who shows up out of nowhere and kills innocent children.

It’s hard to say whether The Fall of Baladon works as a standalone book in the modern-day world, or whether it is also part of a larger series, such as the Harry Potter series. There are hints of connections between the books and the television show, including a reference to “The Red Wedding” in the third book, A Storm of Swords. However, the television show version of the story is completely unrelated to the book series, co-existing instead on entirely different premises. In any case, if you enjoyed watching the Harry Potter movies, chances are you’ll enjoy reading The Fall of Baladon, too. The complex story and suspense will satisfy anyone looking for a literary suspense adventure.

In the first novel of the fall of Baladon series, titled A Red and White Balloon, Isabella and Johannes meet, and Isabella falls in love with Johannes. Shortly thereafter, the two marry and move into a palace for the princesses, where things seem to go well. In the second book, The Sands of Time, things start to go wrong for Isabella and Johannes. Their marriage is arranged by King Joanna of Galadria, and the couple wed and have a son named Galadrian. Shortly after that, though, Isabella is pregnant with another man’s baby.

The Fall of Baladon series is written as a fantasy based around medieval Europe, specifically the time period known as the Dark Ages. Isabella is determined to raise a good and strong son, so she makes the difficult choice of marrying a man who is sickly and weak. Unfortunately, Joanna dies before she can hand the unborn baby over to her husband, forcing Isabella to carry the baby to term and raise him alone. In the prologue to the third book, The Sands of Time, it is revealed that Joanna and Galadrian did not succeed in saving their unborn son, because Baladion the Lord of Light sent his wraith to kill them. From this point forward, readers will assume that Isabella and Johannes are dead, and that they live in a palace in Galadria.

While all of this takes place, readers are treated to a story that is both gritty and dreamlike at the same time. Isabella and Johannes are complex characters with interesting back stories, and their interactions with each other and the outside world add depth and meaning to the book. Throughout the Fall of Baladon series, we learn more about the circumstances that lead the couple to their current situation, as well as what has happened since their marriage. It is often hard to believe that two people could have such horrible circumstances in their lives, but they have and the Fall of Baladon series makes this happen.

The Fall of Baladon series is written in a poetic style that owes a lot to Edith Nesbit, who is also responsible for the successful continuation of the Robin Hood genre. The world building is detailed and imaginative, and while some of the subplots do start to get a little confusing, especially when there are multiple characters in the same scene, there is never any confusion about where the story is taking place. This is a fantasy novel that will please most fantasy fans and most readers in general. Fans of historical fantasy will enjoy reading about Isabella and Joanna, while those who prefer the fantastical should skip this one and look forward to the next in the series. There is plenty of romance in the Fall of Baladon book series, so if you have an eye for the hidden love between men and women, this is one of the better books about this sub-genre.

The Fall of Baladon series will appeal to a larger audience than the first book in the series, The Desert Spear. This book was widely hailed as the best fantasy book ever written, and many readers have been looking forward to reading more about Isabella and Joanna. The Fall of Baladon is the perfect book series for young adults and continues to please with each new installment. For fans of the Robin Hood legend, and fans of fantasy novels in general, this series is a must-read. You won’t be disappointed.