Criminal Minds Season 16 Hints – Is John Constantine Coming Back?

criminal minds season 16

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Did you catch up on the latest episode of Criminal Minds? Well if you did, then you’re probably just as excited as many fans to know what the new episodes have in store for you! And if you missed the previous episodes, fear not, because they’ll be right back on again very shortly! This article is all about catching up on Criminal Minds news, and I’ll tell you what you should be looking for now. So without further interruption, here we go:

– Hopefully you caught up on the latest updates about the characters, including whether or not Michael Myers will have a role in the new season. But look for it to be confirmed soon. In fact, it looks like the series will get a big response from the viewing audience once again. The latest series Criminal Minds is still one of television’s hottest crime and suspense shows.

– Are you a fan of the Michael Myers Criminal Minds character? If so, there’s still time to secure your copy of the first season. You can get it through cable, digital, and DVD releases, and you can even download the entire series on to your computer. The Criminal Minds revival is already starting to look interesting.

– Another great bit of news regarding the Criminal Minds season 16 premiere is that the TV show will be receiving a very special episode that guest stars Dennis Quaid and Jason Gann. This means fans can get even more familiar with Michael Myers as they continue their adventures. The official jareau-ha magazine also has a special issue focusing on the special agent and his history with FBI.

– The next season of Criminal Minds will be helmed by Greg Garcia. He’s previously worked on the television series 24 as well as spinoff movies such as Sin City. For those unfamiliar with his voice, he provides the voice of Agent Gary Dinkle in the TV series Vegas. There’s no telling whether or not we’ll see a spinoff of Sin City focused on the FBI, but the former agent is attached to the new series.

– In addition to the guest appearance by Dennis Quaid and Jason Gann, another interesting development regarding the new season of Criminal Minds is the fact that Robert Downey Jr. is returning for another season. His partnership with Showtime in the last few years has been great, but his untimely departure from the screen is something of a letdown. He’s got a ton of experience playing the character, and fans may find some of their favorite aspects from his tenure coming back. I’m expecting a lot of familiar faces throughout the season. He and Jennifer Aniston have always worked very well together, even producing a good movie, so it’s easy to see why he could potentially return.

– The network also announced the introduction of a new character into the fold. Mr. Rintoul is joining forces with David Strathairn’s John Constantine. This is exciting because Mr. Rintoul is an established character who has appeared in previous seasons, but this is his first time on a show like Criminal Minds. I’m excited to see how the relationship between Constantine and Rintoul plays out. Their dynamic is interesting, and I’m sure the chemistry between the two will bring about some interesting scenes.

Hopefully the latest announcements are true and we can get a look at the next criminal minds season 16 soon. If not, you’ll just have to wait until it does. The new season will kick off shortly after the conclusion of the current season, so you’ll want to reserve your copy of season 16 right now. It won’t be making any kind of waves on television, but I wouldn’t be surprised if people start rushing to the stores to purchase them as soon as the new season comes on. Be sure to check out our coverage for more information on the new additions!