Community Movie Recommendations for June – Invictus and Friends

Community Movie Recommendations for June – Invictus and Friends

A community movie is in the works, hopefully there is still one more thing that the cast must accomplish it a reality. While the excitement and buzz were in full force back in May of 2021, things really picked up momentum in August and September of that year. While most of the buzz centered on the hottest ticket items such as Community’s historic final episode (the season finale), there was also much talk about a Community movie. Now, nearly a year later, we finally have a community movie release date.

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Most of the big names are involved again this time around with Cranston, Gillian Anderson, and Danny Devito all reprising their roles from the hit TV show. Of course, the presence of Chris Evans, whosealo was an integral part of the original Community, as well as minus his Star Wars days, doesn’t hurt matters as well. With the exception of Danny Devito, who plays an aging professor, the rest of the main cast has been considerably brought back. The exception is Paget, who played the dimwitted attorney played by Chevy Chase in the TV show. Although Paget now voices Pigeon in the Video Game version of Parks and Recreation, he is not expected to be involved in Community full-time.

So, what’s going on? According to screenwriter Chris Carpenter (who is also responsible for the screenplay for the Harry Potter franchise), the movie will feature a “reunion of characters who didn’t get the opportunity to meet or speak with each other in the TV show.” So what specifically will those characters be seen doing? We’ll find out soon, but we do have some hints.

Community’s opening credits used to tell the story of the first year of the community. The first season ended with the graduation of the graduating class. We’ve seen some developments in that area since then, so it’s quite possible that the Community movie will pick up shortly after those credits.

Another rumor circulating is that there may be a love story between a boy and a girl in this film. This hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, it would be a welcomed bit of connection to the TV show. If there’s any truth to that, it could be the basis for the plot of the movie.

Aside from those speculations, Community director Shawn Ryan did hint at the possibility of seeing more of the community and how it works around the school. When you watch the show, you can see several groups of people having to work together. They’re assigned to different groups and are asked to help one another. Community workers are seen as great community leaders because they help the lower class to improve their lot in life. These workers don’t always have an opportunity to show this to the community they’re part of.

There are several movies and TV shows currently airing about this community. It’s possible that the producers of Community will choose to adapt this concept into a movie down the road. Who knows? I’d like to see it!

What do you think? Is the community depicted on the TV show Community a depiction of what life is like for the people living in the same community or a fictional community created for entertainment? Does the movie community of Portland live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments!

There are two movies currently scheduled to be released theatrically titled Neighbors and Invictus. You can read my reviews of these upcoming movies below. In my opinion, Invictus is the better of the two films.

starring Michael Bay, Invictus centers on the story of an illegal alien who becomes a community organizer for a group fighting against illegal aliens. The other half of the film is centered on the community itself, forming an anti-Illegal Immigration group. The storyline sounds interesting, but it lacks some of the detail of a Community movie. In my opinion, it doesn’t give enough background for an audience to feel a part of the plot. But then again, if you’re looking for an intense, suspenseful crime story, Invictus may fit that bill.

Overall, the community portrayed in Invictus looks like a place where everyone lives and works together. There is some conflict between different groups, but not enough to make them seem very real or life-like. It just seems like a movie set in a community that you would wish you lived in. It’s definitely a hit for the summer.