Beware the Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 8 – What Does This Mean For Jack?

samurai jack season 5 episode 8

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What can be more thrilling than samurai Jack and his never ending quest to kill Dracula? This fan-driven series, originally aired in Japan in 1998, has come back for a fifth season. The series has always had excellent suspense, mystery, and adventure, along with some hilarious moments. This latest season promises even more excitement as Jack (aido Monning) sets out to find the Vampire Lord. Here is a quick recap of the latest plot developments.

In the previous episodes, Jack had been bitten by a vampire, but has been saved by Dr. Arthur Holmwood. Now, he has become the leader of the hospital he works in, and also happens to be the fiancee of Lucy (Diane Oh), whom he had just met while saving her life! They are about to get married when a mysterious and deadly serial killer attacks the hospital, and Jack is diagnosed with having Dracula-like symptoms. While there is no cure for Dracula, he can give Jack super-healing abilities. Naturally, this news terrifies Lucy, but she is determined not to lose her soul to this monster.

While in England, Jack meets his friend Mina (Greta Scacchi), who also has a blood transfusion from Dracula. She accidentally gets pregnant, and he steps in to help her deal with a pregnancy. In London, he helps Lucy get released from the mental institution where she is staying. However, a fight erupts between them, and she nearly kills Jack in the process. Before she can kill him, a vampire attacks her, taking over her mind and body. Jack is saved by the timely intervention of a French woman called Madame Fate.

Now, he and Lucy have to fight their way through the rest of the episode, and save the castle. They manage to escape the castle, and become stranded. At the end of the episode, they manage to defeat the creature, and manage to escape.

A very brief part in the episode shows that Dracula is looking for Jack in Paris. The only lead that we get is Mina. Lucy notices that Dr. Isaac’s laboratory is closed, and she decides to investigate. She sneaks into the laboratory and finds a book labeled “The Dracula Code.” Inside the book, there is a mysterious note – with a call sign R.O.C. – that has the address of the King of London!

So, how did this secret contact come about? Well, remember that Dr. Isaac was actually working for a very different Dr. Abraham Van Helsing (from the novel Lord of the Rings)! It all makes perfect sense when you read the book. Anyway, Dr. Isaac contacts Lucy and tells her about a top-secret lab in Paris where Van Helsing performed experiments with dragons. He wants Lucy to test out the serum that he made, but she refuses, and tells him to get a clue from his serum.

After doing so, he drops his guard, and suddenly teleports himself and Lucy right outside Dracula’s castle. There, he threatens to reveal his secret information if Dracula doesn’t do something before he dies. Lucy decides that she’ll give it a try, and gets herself put under a spell. Unfortunately, Dracula already had a mirror placed inside the castle, and he uses this to see into Lucy’s mind. He sees how she agrees to have him killed, and he tells her that if she doesn’t help him, he will kill her unborn son.

So, what does this mean for our favorite vampire, samurai warrior and protector? It means that Dracula is finally going to be turned into a good guy! Will he win over Lucy, or will she win him over first? Find out after the episode, of course! Catch the full episode of Samurai Jack on Tuesday at 9PM on Fox!