Best Home Security Systems in India (2023): Safety Redefined

We have been testing home security systems for almost ten years, and throughout that time we have discovered there is seldom a simple answer to that query. But it’s not a simple task. You’ll want to make the right choice the first time around because it can be costly. That choice doesn’t have to be yours alone, though. We’ve completed all of the testing and research for you in order to assist you. The Best home security systems in India on the market are listed here after we translated everything into plain English. These security systems received the highest ratings during our extensive testing. Hopefully, the resources we’ve provided below will enable you to make an informed choice.

Here’s the list of the best home security systems in India:

1. ADT 


These days, ADT security systems use Google Assistant and Alexa to provide automation and hands-free control. In addition to voice control, ADT provides easy-to-use home security with its user-friendly smartphone app, ADT Control, and the touchscreen control panel that is included with the majority of ADT systems. With the help of the app and control panel, ADT equipment protects against break-ins, issues environmental alarms, and offers options for home automation.

While a SimpliSafe system, which starts at about $250, may more cheaper, ADT usually gives rebates or free equipment to make up for the slightly higher cost of the equipment. ADT is among the Best home security systems in India. For instance, ADT systems are currently 40% discounted.

2. SimpliSafe 

SimpliSafe -

SimpliSafe is a DIY security system, thus some people may think it’s a product for a very certain market. We can now state, though, that’s not the case after a few weeks of using a SimpliSafe security system. Pricing for SimpliSafe is reasonable; most firms charge $500 or more but offers start at $250. If you’re lucky, discounts could even let you purchase a SimpliSafe system for significantly less. Then there are the alternatives that SimpliSafe offers. Finally, SimpliSafe is easy to use. SimpliSafe is one of the Best home security systems in India

3. Vivint 

Vivint -

It offers a wealth of home automation features together with video monitoring enabled by artificial intelligence. Our experience has shown that they provide the best installation service out there. Even better, you can get expert installation for free (normally $199) if you find a Vivint special deal. When it comes to a smart security company that provides some of the best security cameras and home automation features out there, you really can’t ask for more.

Compared to some do-it-yourself security choices, Vivint is slightly more expensive. The fact is, you can rest easy knowing your house is secure around the clock when you work with a firm like Vivint. Of course, a three-year contract is another feature of Vivint’s pricing schemes.

4. Alder Security 

Alder -

We knew that with Alder, we would always have the assurance that aid would arrive quickly in the event of a security breach, since every second matters. We made multiple test alarm calls to Alder to see what it could achieve, and we were able to witness its ten-fold response time advantage over the average alarm company. In 2017, Alder achieved an average response time of 3.7 seconds, solidifying its standing as one of the businesses with the quickest response times. Ever since, Alder has continued to provide exceptional alarm response performance, never looking back.

5. Cove 

Cove -

Cove is an additional do-it-yourself solution that is just as easy and affordable as SimpliSafe. Cove offers monitoring services that start at $17.99 a month, and a system may be purchased for less than $200.

The installation procedure is our best feature of Cove, and it’s the Best home security system in India. Cove provided us with pre-programmed hardware that was operational right out of the box when we placed an order for a system. The sensors immediately paired when we only plugged in the control panel and removed the battery tabs. We just gave Cove’s customer service a call to activate the system. Including the call to customer assistance, the entire installation of Cove took less than thirty minutes.

6. Frontpoint 

Frontpoint -

The ideal balance between do-it-yourself and expert is struck with Frontpoint. We save money because we do our own setup. Not only is the procedure easy to do on your own, but it’s also very clear-cut. However, we always support professional monitoring. Additionally, every system facilitates home automation, environmental protection, and burglary prevention.

Frontpoint also offers a hassle-free online or phone ordering experience, and in our experience, their sales representatives were surprisingly non-pressurizing. They even directed us to the web promotions they were doing at the time. The least expensive package is $129.

7. Brinks Home Security 

Brinks -

We enjoy doing our own installation not only because it’s free but also because, with Brinks, we were able to get free phone assistance. We could have also benefited from free expert installation if we had opted for the Smart Security Ultimate Package! We spoke with an installation specialist over the phone who assisted us with every step of setting up our Brinks security system. About as nice as home security installation gets, the entire process took us thirty-five minutes.

8. Abode 

Abode -

We enjoyed that we could use their mobile app’s full functionality without having to pay for service, making Abode one of the top security firms that let us monitor activity for free. We also had the choice between extremely short-term and long-term contracts. We could arrange for three days of expert supervision, for instance, if we were going to be gone for an extended weekend.

Our equipment was exclusively accessible on the Abode website, so we purchased it there. For home automation, environmental monitoring, and security alarms, we developed an excellent Abode system. We also made use of the voice command feature available with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. 

9. Deep Sentinel 

Deep Sentinel -

Deep Sentinel is made to identify unusual activity, in contrast to other security cameras that can only tell humans, pets, cars, and parcels apart from other moving things. This makes your notifications even more important because they cover attempted robberies, vandalism, auto theft, and burglaries.

10. Ring Alarm Security Kit 

Ring Alarm -

We were excited to try Ring, an Amazon property that worked with Alexa, as we were completely smitten with our own Alexa. Upon shopping, we discovered that Ring also offered loud alarm systems that worked with voice control, home automation, video cameras, and environmental monitoring. We had the option of paying for a reasonably priced monthly monitoring service or doing our own monitoring thanks to this solution. Notably, Ring now offers the Ring Alarm Pro system, which is the Best home security system in India with a security system with an integrated router and additional capabilities designed to ensure online safety.

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