Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 – “Reiner

In Attack on Titan Season 4, Eren Yeager (Kyuji Okamoto) struggles to control his Titan form. In the first episode, Titan was strong enough to kill him but was also slow to do so. In the second episode, Titan is easily capable of surprising those who were near him and even killing them without much difficulty. With these impressive skills, Eren is encouraged to find and recruit other titans in order to achieve even greater heights. Unfortunately, each recruit he recruits is too powerful for him to handle, and each proves to be a threat to Eren’s existence.

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If you missed the first episode, then the second one is definitely the one you have been waiting for. The show is based on the Japanese manga, which has been turned into an anime with this season. Due to its popularity, this season will not be lacking in episode production. Crunchyroll and Funimation are both offering announcements of new episodes, so you better start looking for it now. Below is an official synopsis of the upcoming episodes, which you can check out before the date ends.

“Reunion” written by Tomoko Ninomiya and drawn by Takao Aoki will air on December 8 at the Funimation channel. The story centers around Eren and Mar panicked after losing their memories. They are transported to another world where they meet a boy called titan who is being trained by the humans. After some convincing from the boy, the adults are teleported to the land of titan where they witness the tragic battle between the titans and the monsters.

titans rule this world because they are feared warriors. The children learn that the reason why the titans are strong is because of the blood they draw from children. Mar realizes that if she wins the throne of the founding Titan, her father’s blood will be shed and she will have to take on the blood of the monster to become a powerful warrior. The other children decide to aid her so as to help her achieve her goal.

Meanwhile, the newly arrived royalty is crowned with the symbol of the royal bloodline, the symbol known as the “tybing claw”. Mar and the others travel to the underground city of hive to discover what the symbol means. The children learn that the royal bloodline carries the power to bind the dark dragons and the grudges which are locked within the dragon eggs. The children discover the “TYBERS” who were secretly placed by the old king as secret weapons against the titans.

Another fight between the titans and the grudges break out and the grudges use the giant eggs to create more monsters to attack the titan. The grudges succeed in turning the city of hive into a giant underground fort. However, Marleyan forces the children to join her in fighting the giants and the “TYBERS”. After the battle, the titans escape to the surface of the planet where they live peacefully. Meanwhile, back at the underground city, the grand prince finds himself in an arranged marriage with the daughter of the late king.

As the series progresses, we get to see more of the back story of the royal family and how the story of the titans began. The show also introduces a new character, the reiner, who serves as a catalyst for events in the series. The reiner is revealed to be Magath, the first son of the late king. The show further shows how the grand prince developed a crush on Magath and wanted to be like him in everything he does including being a fighter and founding his own kingdom.

As the series progresses, we get to learn more about the relationship between Magath and his wife, Lean. While there was some speculation that the relationship was not love, the two are shown to have a deep connection that blossomed into an intimate relationship. As the series progresses, the audience gets to learn more about the mysterious, and powerful, being that is named Eren. His abilities are displayed in the battlefield, where he easily snipes the titans and other formidable opponents. The show ends with a shocking, and bloody, battle in which Magath sacrifices his life in order to save the titans.