Attack on Titan OVA – Are There Any Filler List Episodes Worth Watching?

Attack on Titan is a 2021 Japanese anime series based on the famous manga series written by Japanese author Bakekawa Katsuhiro. The series is highly-anticipated sequel to the successful Attack on Titan movie series. Season two episodes have been released. The first two-part special included in the Blu-ray version of the film also includes several other short episodes. The complete list below serves only as an incomplete list of the OVA episodes available on the Blu-rays. The final list of episodes will be released later this summer.

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attack on titan ova

Episodes 3-4: The second season finale. With the help of the Survey Company, the allies of humanity are able to destroy the enemy. Titan soldiers emerge from the base and continue to fight the humans, even with the help of newly-trained military girls. Meanwhile, the mysterious pilot who crashed near the Ark comes out of hiding and engages the remaining Titans again.

Episodes 5-7: The first half of the series. As the battle continues between the Titans and the Survey Company, more mysterious things start to happen. A mysterious and powerful artifact activates and starts attacking humans. Meanwhile, the mysterious boy from the third episode reappears and tells everyone about his past. This boy then joins the Survey Company and becomes its leader.

Episodes 8-10: With the Ark and the Walls being destroyed, the remaining Titans can now move against Earth. Mariko’s group sneaks into the Walls and finds out that the attack was done by a member of their own squad. She and the others enter the Ark itself and are reunited with everybody else. As the war continues, the remaining Titans are forced to go on a suicide mission to target the human population. The mysterious boy from the second episode appears again and leads the group to safety. He then vows to help them win the battle against the Titans and is the main protagonist in the Attack on Titan OVA.

The second season of Attack on Titan features the story of a young boy who transforms into a Titan. As the boy gains strength and courage, he vows to use his new-found power to help the fallen Titans fight off the cruel world. While some people may question the morality of such a act, the show presents it as a way of saving the planet. The combination of fighting off the Titans and saving the Earth makes for an interesting story line.

Special Features The Attack on Titan OVA features the original Japanese audio with English subtitles. A few special scenes have been dubbed over in Japanese for those interested. It also includes the opening and ending themes, which are both suitable for an adult audience. Based on the novel series, Attack on Titan is shown in 3D, giving it a really immersive feel.

Video Game adaptations tend to be a little short in length, but the Attack on Titan OVA fits into that mold nicely. It’s paced well, with only a handful of minutes per episode, but it’s well worth your time. If you like the video game series, you’ll probably enjoy this. In my opinion, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as an Attack on Titan OVA.

As I mentioned before, this is a review of the Attack on Titan OVA. I have not watched the entire series, so I cannot say whether or not it is better or worse than the TV show. What I will say is that it is definitely worth your time for any Attack on Titan fan, and that you should make sure to add it to your collection of filler list material.