Assassin Movies of 2021

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Anyone who loves killing bad guys has at one time or another enjoyed the many great movies and television shows revolving around assassins. The character is a complex and often misunderstood anti-hero, and much of his mystique and appeal comes from the fact that we do not quite understand how such a small, poor person with such high levels of skill and expertise must be allowed to commit such atrocious acts. It is often said that if you have the skill then you can kill anything you want. In films, the assassin may kill his enemies without hesitation, but this is very dangerous and has caused many controversial plots and movies over the years.

For an action movie, the assassin movies are usually very good, although sometimes they can be somewhat long, like any other action genre. There is a long standing tradition of putting a new spin on old myths and making them even more exciting. In most cases, it takes another element to make a story exciting enough for film audiences. Sometimes a more outlandish element is needed to help lend excitement to an otherwise rather mundane story.

The long and famous movie franchise starring James Bond is one of the best assassin movies ever made. The original Bond film even had its own comic book, which gave fans another avenue to enjoy James Bond in action. In these films, Bond is generally playing a foreign agent, and he has many different assignments to undertake in order to take down his enemies. Most of these assignments are to either take out a specific target, or to foil a bigger scheme that is being carried out by a larger group of evil men.

With the release of the new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, more interest is being shown in the spy genre. This is the perfect opportunity for you to step into the shoes of an assassin and have a blast. Some of the best movies to come out of the last decade feature a spy theme, and there are plenty to choose from. Many of the movies in this new franchise, such as Skyfall and Casino Royale, were more successful at the box office than any of the previous Bond films.

The list of best assassin movies ever made features movies with very unique themes, but all of them are based off of the same general concept. They all involve some type of espionage or intrigue, and they have plenty of killers involved. Of course, every movie is different, and some of the killers are very different than others. For example, in some of the earlier Bond movies, there was a more malevolent character known as the Laughing Man. He was a master of disguises, and he was often hired by different killers to do their dirty work.

If you prefer your movies on the big screen, then you should definitely see Kill Bill, a staple in the modern female assassin series. It is the first of the newer Bond films to make a return, and it is sure to be one of the most exciting films on the big screen this year. Bill is played by Halle Berry, and her relationship with a Chinese secret agent is the basis for much of the movie. The movie also stars Heardney Hepburn as Dr. Evelyn Souster, who also happens to be Bond’s love interest at the moment. She has a cool cameo as a waiter in the movie, and she appears in the upcoming Quantum of Solace as a mysterious Chinese secret agent as well.

No discussion of assassin movies would be complete without mentioning The Thin Red Line. Based on the book by Cold War mastermind Robert Kiyosaki, the movie stars Clint Eastwood as a U.S. Army major and Alexander Cross as a Japanese assassin. The movie is probably best known for ex VP candidate John Edwards. While some people criticize The Thin Red Line for being an anti-war film (it is), it is also considered one of the best films of the year for its accurate portrayal of war. Both the US military and the Chinese military get into the middle of a fierce conflict that involves terrorists, international terrorists, and even the Chinese government itself.

The list of top assassin films of 2021 is pretty short, but there are a few films worthy of mention. For a list of more movies see our other assassin ranking articles. This list will only briefly touch on this year’s most popular killers. Our next installment will focus on the latest movies involving a deadly assassin.