Air Jordan Dub Zero – A Reunion Of The Long Lost Air Jordan Zero

jordan dub zero

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The Jordan dub zero is the latest release from Nike. It is the company’s third generation of basketball shoe. The low top combines extreme comfort with advanced technology for a fast and effective transition. Here we look at the three categories that define this style of basketball sneaker:

The first thing that makes the Jordan dub zero different from all other Air Jordan designs is the extensive use of patent leather on the outside. This leather gives the Jordan dub zero its distinct shape. The top has a rubberized trim that is covered in high-density foam. A smooth canvas and genuine leather inner are fitted onto the outsoles. A tongue, collar and heel tab to complete the look. The soft cloth used for the trim adds to its comfort and makes cleaning easy.

The second major innovation is the inclusion of multiple colorways. Nike made this possible by adding Laser imprint technology to all three of the Jordan dub zero colorways. The laser printing process enables Nike to add a series of diamonds and metal sequins to the outsole. There are a total of 14 colors to choose from and each one represents a different team. For example, the “Black and Gold” colorway comes in two different versions – black and white and “Concert” colorways which feature a red and white combination. These pairs have been released as official replicas of the original air Jordan outfit.

The design of the Jordan dub zero camo is completely different from that of the plain version. The stripes are in a darker shade of charcoal and feature a black and white design. There are also some minor details such as zippers on the sides and a raised patch at the centre. The outsole is made of pure leather giving it full grip. The side zip fasteners give it added support and comfort.

The third major innovation is the inclusion of full-grain patent leather upper. The Air Jordan logo is embossed directly onto the front of the sole. The other three colorways use genuine leather; however, the patent leather gives them a more sophisticated appeal. Due to their lightweight, they are perfect for traveling and are the most comfortable of all the Jordan dub zero designs.

The fourth and final innovation is that of the translucent pair. These are similar to the Jordan dub zero but feature full-grain patent leather on both the uppers and the outsoles. The only difference is that the uppers are translucent allowing fans to be able to see the logo more clearly.

With this new range, Nike has really improved upon the design they first introduced in the mid 90’s. They have added a new dimension to their already impressive product range. This is largely due to the fact that they want to make their products as marketable as possible. This means that they will not be making a cheap product, but one that will be highly competitive in terms of quality and cost. They have done this by putting out four colorways, each offering something different.

Despite this, the overall design of the Air Jordan dub is very similar to that of the previous versions. It is still highly popular with fashion-conscious males and females around the world, which probably means that they will not be stopping production any time soon. This means that those who want to sport these shoes can do so today. We wish you all the best with your future Air Jordan dubs.

For those looking for an upgrade to the Air Jordan range, then the Jordan dub four colorways may not be what you are looking for. You get similar style and design with the four colorways, but it doesn’t seem as if there is much innovation that has gone into it. It is still a good shoe, but don’t expect anything spectacular here.

The other great thing about the Air Jordan dub four colorways is that they are incredibly affordable. They go for a really low price compared to the other models in the range and you will easily be able to afford them, especially if you are a big fan. They come in all the same materials as the rest of the range, so you should not be disappointed. However, you can expect to pay a little bit more for the Jordan brand when you buy these.

With that said, do not let the price scare you. It’s definitely not the cheapest Jordan shoe out there and many people have commented positively on its durability. The other nice thing is that this shoe is relatively light, which is great if you want to run fast and don’t want to feel weighed down at all. In fact, it might be one of the best running shoes out there, especially with all the recent advancements in technology that we see coming through the sports world. If you want to buy a Jordan shoe that you will be happy with for many years to come, then the Jordan dub is a good option.