Who is in Series 9? Find Out Here-Wentworth season 9

A month ago, I went to a local book store to buy a new book by author Michael Chiklis called “The Last Paradise”. I had read several of his previous books and enjoyed them, so when I saw the book displayed on the shelf I just had to buy it. The excitement did not wear off at all, but actually got stronger when I learnt that the book was coming out after “The Sopranos” finale! So I made plans to go and see the show.

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wentworth season 9

During my search for information about the series finale I came across an article written by Michael Chiklis. In his article he claimed that filming for the finale of season 9 would start next spring, but that there are still several more episodes to go. He mentioned that filming would start in April and finish in June. I’m assuming that this is only an assumption until the season nine finale is filmed. Either way, I have been quite eager to find out what happens in the finale.

So after a week of being rather confused as to what season it was, I finally got a hold of the go ahead from the network. A few days later I went to the book store where I bought a couple of books by Michael Chiklis. One of them is “The Last Paradise” which is based in the Australian outback. My other favorite book is “Life’s a beach” which focuses on the relationship between Jude and Ariel in the last days of their lives.

I went to the website of television network SyFy to see if they had any information about the season nine. The link was to the wentworth season 9 official preview. After the trailer I decided to check in the forum. There were a lot of questions and answers posted. A lot of people were confused as to what is happening with the story especially when they find out that Michael Chiklis will be back for another episode. Some theories suggested that Michael Chiklis will appear in the penultimate episodes of seasons 9 and 10.

There is also a rumor going around that there is going to be a new story starring Michael Chiklis called “The Goodbye Season”. I am not sure if this is true or not. I haven’t read any of the novels either, but the official book synopsis mentions that the story will take place after the events of wentworth season 9. There are also speculations that the final eight episodes of the season 9 will not air until September or October. My guess is that it will air sometime in the spring of 2021.

In the “The Goodbye Season” there will be some familiar faces coming back like Dexter and Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend Eric Parker. They will apparently be reuniting which should excite the fans even more. There is also a mention of the writers wanting to give the audience a taste of what is to come in the final sentence of the novel. I’m assuming that means that the book will end with the character of Stephanie seeing a new man and he will give her the final sentence of her panic button. That would make me think that the next go around for Stephanie in terms of finding a panic button will be in the upcoming season 9.

One interesting thing about the upcoming season 9 is that there is a chance that we will get to meet some of the characters that did not appear in the last few wentworth season eight. There is a mention of Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend Eric Parker. I can’t remember ever seeing him and he looks really good in the pictures from the college days. There is also a mention of some other guys that didn’t appear in the show such as Mike aka “the dentist”, Noah aka “the school bully” and Jacob aka “the janitor”. These characters may not end up getting involved with Stephanie. It is quite possible that we will see these characters again but it is also quite possible that they won’t.

If you want to stay up on what is happening in the world of Wentworth, then make sure to keep up with the news. The good news is that the show has gone on another great run and they have now ordered another eight seasons. The bad news is that we are only four episodes away from the release date. There is also a possibility that the show will end after the release date. Stay tuned for my article on when the new season will air.