Review of Darling In The Franxx Season 2

darling in the franxx season 2

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One of the most talked about anime series of all time, darling in the Franxx season 2 is finally here. After a two year wait for the second cour, the second season of FMA is finally here. Even though the first season was amazing, I was hesitant whether I would like the second season better. Fortunately, the second half of the season is exactly what I had been expecting, and I can say that I love it! I have been hyped for this series since the first episode when the show’s protagonist, Yuusuke Tozawa, decided to enter the world of MMA.

If you’re unfamiliar with the premise behind this fantastic anime television series, then allow me to start by informing you. This is based on the manga series of the same name, and tells the story of a young prodigy called Yuusuke Tozawa who lives a carefree life with his martial arts friend, Mito Hoshin. However, when an unexpected incident occurs which causes Tozawa’s memory to lapse, he is taken under the wing of an ancient and powerful martial arts master named Genryus. Tozawa vows to learn the truth of his past and fight for justice while still retaining his freedom. Tozawa’s strong determination is strengthened when he realizes the mistake he has made with his first try, and he is determined to never make the same mistake again.

Although the first part of the anime series was spectacular, I felt that it could have been longer, and added more characters. Luckily, the second half of the season builds upon what we’ve previously seen. The fights between Tozawa and his friends, which were intense throughout the first half of the series, are even more fantastic. Due to the way the plot is resolved, it also allowed for a greater focus on friendship and teamwork.

The second half of the anime series follows Tozawa as he travels to China to train with Master Yang, but things go awry when Tozawa accidentally gains the upper hand over the master and defeats him. With this latest setback, Tozawa has to decide what path he should take, and the show takes us on a roller coaster ride through China as he meets various characters along the way. The whole point of this journey is to witness the many cultures and philosophies of this fascinating country, and what holds them all together. I think that it would have been much more interesting if the second half of the season had continued on from where the first left off.

Fortunately, the second season of Darling In The Franxx manages to continue the excitement that the first had, while also building upon what we had seen in the first half of the series. The second season did a great job of building on what we had seen in the first half. If you loved the first half of the anime, I suggest you give the second season a try, because it does a wonderful job of satisfying those who loved the first half but had to put up with some slower pacing and some less creative animation. As always, we have our favorites characters, and if you are a fan of the Eva series or you simply like Trigger happy-go-lucky stories about cute, little girls, then Darling In The Franxx will not disappoint you!

The first part of the second season focused on the events surrounding the Zero-Two incident. The second half picks up shortly after where the first ended, so if you didn’t like either of those elements, you might not like this season. However, I enjoyed watching how the characters dealt with Zero-One, and I liked how the show built up to the reveal of Zero TWO’s identity. Even though the second half disappointed a bit, I still rate it very high for bringing in new and exciting characters such as Yuuka and Hikaru. I also thought that the pace of the show was quite fast-paced for a few episodes, but it kept me interested in what was happening and building up to the surprise climax at the end.

As for the actual story itself, it follows a few interesting elements from the previous anime seasons including an old man, a boy, and a mysterious woman. I really liked watching Gingka trying to figure out Zero Two’s whereabouts, and seeing some hilarious conflicts arise along the way. My favorite scenes are when Gingka is interviewing the old man about Zero Two and their past, and the way the entire crew reacts to it. It is also a nice break from the serious story during the first season, and helped prepare me for the crazy adventures I was sure to experience with Goro.

All in all, I am very happy with Darling In The Franxx season 2. I loved the beginning and the middle, and I hope fans of the anime enjoys the second season as well. For newcomers, I recommend watching the first season first, and then starting with the second if you want to experience something different from what’s already available. If you’re familiar with anime, the premise for Darling In The Franxx is probably not too difficult to understand. If you’re not familiar with anime, however, I highly recommend giving it a shot.