Review of Bna Season 2

The second season of critically acclaimed Adult Swim television show BNA was recently released to wide acclaim. The second season may just have just been premiere, but already fans are eager to find out when BNA will come back for another instalment. BNA is part of the group of animated anime which isn’t exactly a faithful adaptation of a Japanese manga series. This means that Netflix wanted to take the creative direction that the first season’s main leads initially pitched. Below are some teasers from the second season of BNA.

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bna season 2

First, let’s review what happened in the first season of BNA. After kicking off with Jake O’Brien ( Greg Garcia), the central character is presumed dead following an accident in the jungle. With no other survivors, the survivors form a secret club to which they assign Jake’s son Jaiford to be the group leader. When a mysterious stranger starts appearing on their home security camera, the club members must uncover the identity of this person and figure out how to stop the serial killer before he commits his next murder.

There’s a new member joining the BNA team, a mysterious and powerful martial arts expert named Misono (Japanese actor Masato Chiaki) who is intent on toppling Jake’s position. Misono’s mysterious past is revealed in the first episode of season 2, and he threatens to reveal the dark secrets of Jake and his family. Before he can do so, however, Jake gets captured by Bakugan. He is taken back to Bakugan land where he teams up with his new friend, the pint-sized Bakugan Rindroid (voiced by Minoru Ueda), and the show takes off.

A mysterious figure called the True Form appears in an area unit and tells Jake that he has been chosen by the North American Guild to be the central point of operations for the entire North American guild. The true form reveals that the Guild intends on using Jake’s son, Ritsu Tainoya, as a test case for the strength of the Six Elements. Jake is skeptical that Ritsu will be strong enough to control the monster, but Ritsu does appear to be more than ready to take on the massive beast. As the show progresses, we learn more about the other five element beings living in the North American area unit. The other six join forces with the bna season 2 protagonist to form the Naga (the evil counterparts of the elementoids).

The second episode of season 2 revolves around the events of an international terrorists plot called “wolf pack”. This plot involves a terrorist organization that wants to use the wolf beastman named Shikka to attack the United Nations compounds in which the bna season 2 protagonist works. The bna season 2 protagonist is forced to work with the wolves to stop this group from using the powerful baji to attack the humans in the area. In order to do this, she must enlist the help of the United Nations agency that specializes in preventing acts of terrorism. The series also introduces another new cast member: Mio Akiyama, a fourteen year old Japanese girl who is the cousin of the previously mentioned Mito Shikka.

Mio first meets up with her cousin, Shikka, who happens to be working with the United Nations agency as well. Shikka informs Mio about the terrorist plot that was going on in her home town of Tokyo. Mio decides that she needs to go to Tokyo to stop the terrorists, and she goes to her friend, a high school student called Mikoto Koizaki who happens to be a member of the United States National Volunteer Association. Mikoto is one of those who are participating in the bna season 2; she joins in with the other participants after learning that Ritsu Tainaka is a world class Bna winner. Tainaka, on the other hand, is a world class surfer who won the event last year in Hawaii, and wants to get into a good college to become a professional surfer.

The second episode of Bna season 2 follows a similar story line, except that it’s filmed at the studio instead of in an outdoor location like the first episode did. Mio returns to Tokyo after her cousin leaves, and ends up being held prisoner by terrorists in a warehouse. She witnesses the murder of one of the terrorists, and is taken to the hideout of the said terrorist. Inside, she meets Shikka and Mito, and is told that she is one of their “champions”. When the team finally flees, Mio is left alone, and Tainaka makes his way out through the sewers, but gets trapped in the elevator. Eventually he gets away, and Tainaka gets kidnapped by Masane, who intends to use the power of her koi fish to create her own empire.

All of this happens in the span of two days in Tokyo. The events of the season 2 finale will probably be covered in future episodes of Bna, but in the meantime, I’m sure fans have been speculating about which characters will join the cast of the next season 2 of Bna. Will it be another story about the studio itself, or one about a high school student going into the studio as the lead? Stay tuned for more announcements from Samurai producer Mitsuo Aoki.