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It seems that editors are all in a tizzy over a new form of viral video sharing website called Reddit Motion Pictures. Yesmovies and reddatrol have come together to give aspiring filmmakers, writers, filmmakers and actors/actresses a place to share their work with the masses. But how does it work and what can we expect from this new revolution? Let’s take a look at how redditors are using Reddit Motion Pictures and how the reddiquette of Reddit applies to this latest form of viral video sharing website.

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First off, you need to know that editors do not like spam. They are very particular about how the website of Reddit operates. So, when they see a form of spam they get very irate and will either downvote or Flag the video. If a creditor decides to Downvote a video they will not only ruin the title but the whole video might not be seen again on Reddit. On the other hand, if a user decides to Flag a video they just might save the video and the title will still be viewable at that point in time.

So let’s take this slow motion train of thought and look at how the Reddit Motion Picture Package will work. When you subscribe to the Reddit package your submission needs to be a one-time video. In addition to the standard gifting theme of you submitting a link you also get the option to choose from a variety of props such as:

The Reddit Fast Download option is something editors seem to love. All you have to do is access the reddotrol link button located on the bottom right corner of the video tab. Once you click that button and enter the movie you can instantly download it to your computer for later viewing. One advantage that I find about the fast download feature is that you can also watch your favorite movies from all over the world with this form of fast viewing.

When you’re done with your selection all you have to do is submit the link to the Reddit application and the Reddit movie will begin to play. You will be asked to either subscribe to the Reddit movie or get movie downloads. By subscribing to the Reddit movie you’re essentially telling the community that they can now download and view your video. As a result, other creditors that may not have access to that movie will be able to view it as well. You will also get added data such as ratings and summaries so that you can check out what other editors think about the movie.

The last form team competition that I’d like to introduce you to is the form team in Colombia. In this section you’ll be asked to create your own custom fan club for the Colombian football team. Once you submit your movie, you’ll be asked to complete some surveys and participate in a voting contest among other members of the form team. The top three videos will be chosen for coverage on Reddit.

If you’re looking for a fun video about soccer then the first one that you should check out is a soccer oriented video by reddictus. This video features highlights and shots from the Brazil games. It shows some of the players and highlights some of their memorable moments. You’ll even get to see some highlights from the Copa America Centenario which is the soccer tournament that will be hosted by the United States in June of 2013. If you’re a soccer fanatic, this is one of the videos that you need to check out.

All in all, there are plenty of different movies and videos to see on the Internet. The two websites that I mentioned above are very popular. They receive hundreds of visitors in a single day and they are updated daily. Try browsing through one of them today and see if I am not right.