Recognizing the Three Types of Koi Breed

kid cat

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In the south of Western Australia lies the small town of Kid Cat. The residents of Kid Cat are known as Blue Legs and reside mainly on fishing and collecting eggs. As a playful jock, Kid Cat is very energetic and also has an abiding interest in sports and physical activity. He can often brag about his amazing physical fitness and often refers to his athletic prowess in the local newspaper.

It is said that the original Kid Cat came to Kid Cat Lake in WA state many years ago. He was known as Ol’ Red. One story says that he was crossing the Pacific Ocean with his ship and was attacked by a sea lion which was using its teeth to pull the boat into the water. The giant sea lion bit Kid Cat on his rump causing him to lose his ability to sail.

This incident caused Ol’ Red to grow depressed and withdrawn. He became disinterested in life and did not socialize much. When he met the beautiful red headed woman who would eventually become his wife, he was so impressed with her beauty that he named her Taffy, which is what our current Kid Cat is called today.

The most notable feature of the Kid Cat character is his bright red head with a wide, alert face, brown eyebrows and shaggy, brown hair. He also has very strong and muscular arms, legs and a tail. The rest of him is either a dark brown color, black or tan. Although he is a very happy and friendly cat, he is also quite fearful and intelligent. This means that he is a very good bird species, with a good temperament and is very loving to children, but because he is so different from the other feline cats, he is often forgotten or not well understood.

The second character in the Kid Cat family is Taffy’s younger sister, Fluffy. Like her brother, Taffy too has very strong, muscular hands and feet, as well as almond shaped eyes. Like her brother, Taffy too is very protective of her siblings and is very gentle. She is the last of the three Kid Cat characters, who is the most like her siblings, in terms of color, personality type and intelligence, being almost exactly like her parents.

Last but not least is our old friend, Mr. Wolf. Mr. Wolf is about as far removed from his siblings as he can be. He has almost no personality and is completely harmless. He is about as big and as black as a wolf and wears fawn colored clothing. Unlike his two younger siblings, Mr. Wolf has almost no black markings on his body, instead his skin is pink and he is a very lethargic looking cat.

The three different types of Koi that make up the Kid Koi family have distinct personalities themselves, each one representing a different color type of Koi, and are very unique in their own unique ways. All three of the Koi mentioned above have green eyes; some may even have brown eyes. Of the three however, the blue or diamond color is represented by the diamond ear tips. That is the commonest color among the Koi. Although they are of the same general size, they differ in build. The American and British Blue Koi are generally considered the best choice, as they are the largest and most sturdy breed of Koi, but are also the most delicate.

The Japanese Black Cat is also one of three different Koi breeds, with its red and black coat and grayish legs. It is one of the rarest and smallest breed of Koi in existence, and is the world’s smallest known true Koi. It is probably best known for being used in a breeding program to increase the size of the Japanese Greyhound breed. Like the American and British Blue Koi, it too has a diamond ear tip. This Koi is part of the abnormal types category that have been described as having a very small mouth and stubby little legs. It is also one of the rarest and smallest breed of Koi and it is predicted that future studies will soon bring this unusual breed back into the Koi classification.