One Of My Favorite Anime Figures – Nezuko figure

Nezuko is a well known Japanese manufacturer of figure products. While the figurines/ Statues that they releases are huge and highly expensive, they always re really beautiful and drive home the details for their characters they re portraying. The newest giant Nezuko statue is no exception. The new statue features Nezuko bent over in a very innocent and pure manner in a lovely pose.

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nezuko figure

This beautiful pre-order doll comes with an extensive background and behind-the-scenes information about Nezuko’s character. This includes her personality, her history, her relationships with other anime characters, how she met her husband and eventually became the leader of the demons. If you love anime and figure dolls, then this is the rightstuf for you!

One of the best parts about this pre-orderable figure is that you get to finally see what Nezuko looks like when she was a full grown adult! All of the folds and wrinkles in her skin have been faithfully preserved. The folds are smoother and more even than they were previously, making her look even more real. The rightstuf figure also comes with a complete eye patch and earrings to complete the ” Demon Slayer” look that Nezuko had when she was a teenager.

In addition to this, Nezuko is featured with her signature weapon, her large sword. As seen in the pre-order image, Nezuko’s sword has been painted with deep silver colors to create a sleek, futuristic look. Nezuko’s sword has a ball joint design allowing it to move both sideways and up and down her arm! This is an amazing feat considering how hard it is to get a ball joint to move reliably in most figures. I am pretty sure that the makers of the ” Demon Slayer ” were working hard to make this figure as accurate as possible.

One of the coolest parts about the ” Demon Slayer ” Nezuko figurine is that she comes with an adorable little figurine version of herself. While it is not shown clearly on the pre-order page, the figure reveals that Nezuko wears her hair in a bun. This might be a nice change from her naturally beautiful long hair. Nezuko’s open mouth shows that she sucks on a pig’s tail, another detail that is similar to her hairstyle in the Japanese version of the show. The ” Demon Slayer ” episode was directed by the well know anime director Hideaki Konishi, so I expect that you will see many familiar anime elements in this movie.

The design of the ” Demon Slayer ” figure is very cool too. It seems to be modeled after the style of the Japanese samurai and is painted with extremely vivid colors. The figure is sculpted well and the sword she wields looks great. The scale of the “Demon Slayer” figure is very nice, even if it is slightly larger than the actual Japanese version of the ” Demon Slayer ” episode.

If you are going to buy this figure, be prepared for a great deal of hype. The ” Demon Slayer ” anime series is one of my favorites. I have watched the first season several times and the episodes are great. Even if you haven’t seen the show, you should definitely add this figure to your collection. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

The ” Demon Slayer ” Nezuko figurine is a great addition to any collection. She comes with an awesome sword and she makes a great collector’s item. If you haven’t started collecting these types of figures, I highly recommend that you start collecting them. The ” Demon Slayer ” Nezuko figure might just be the best one that has ever come out.