Madam Secretary – Renewed for Seventh Season – Madam secretary season 7

Did you know that fans have been waiting eagerly for the Madam Secretary show since it was in the pilot stage? This CBS drama has been one of the most promising cancelled TV shows of recent years. This is the reason why there are a good number of Madam Secretary fans who have been very anxious to know what the new season will bring. Here are some of the possible developments that we can expect in the new season.

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There has been a rumor going around among the fans that actress Nicole Kidman may be joining the cast of the seventh season of Madam Secretary. However, sources say that this is yet to be confirmed. The speculation is on the basis on the reports that she is set to guest star in an episode of Scorpion King. It is also said that producers are planning to have her appear in an upcoming episode of CSI.

The third season of Madam Secretary was a successful one for the show. The ratings have always supported shows which are given more time to succeed in the air. If the reports are to be believed then the next season might just be the right opportunity for the show to get another chance. The casting for the show is currently underway. It is expected that many of the familiar faces from the previous seasons will be appearing again.

The other interesting development in the story of Madam Secretary is that showrunner Christina Aguilera is now attached to produce a TV series based on the life of former first lady Hillary Clinton. The news is scarce and leaks are rampant. The speculation is that the project is in pre-production stage. The timing for a Hillary Clinton project from Aguilera and company is said to be right after the wrap of Madam Secretary season 7. There is no confirmation as of now. This will be interesting to follow.

The speculations about the future of the show ended with the cancellation of the seventh season. There were speculations that the cancellation was due to high costs for the seventh season. Many television networks have been hit by the economic crunch and it has affected their programming budget. For Madam Secretary, this factor was more than considered. The final budget for the show was way below the costs of producing the show.

The show ended with some high-ranking staff members leaving the show due to low personal values. The first lady’s job was at stake and many of her trusted agents were involved in the firing. The tensions were so high that the entire social media platform Twitter was flooded with negative comments from people unhappy with the end of the season 7. The rumors are still running through the social media network about the possibility of Madam Secretary being cancelled. This could be very true as production for the eighth season begins soon.

Many television networks are trying to save their investment on the show Madam Secretary. The possibility of the new story with a spin-off is exciting for the loyal fans of the show. Some of these fans could continue to follow the story of the new characters and continue the romance between the characters. The fans could also choose to watch the spin-off depending on how well the characters progressed.

The cancellation of the series may also be related to the rising ratings. Due to the popularity of the show, the ratings have been able to recover which would mean great news for the network. Many people compare the popularity of the show to the Harry Potter series where half the audience were avid readers. If this is the case, then the popularity of the show may lead to a renewed interest in the main characters’ lives. It is possible that the Madam secretary could follow the same trend.