Record of Ragnarok – A Story of Vikings

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Record of Ragnarok, is a Japanese anime series written and drawn by Shinya Umemura & Takumi Fukui and drawn by Ajichika Asanofuji. It began in Coamix’ s monthly comic magazine manga magazine Monthly Comic Zenon from November 2021. It has been licensed in North America by Viz Media later in June 2021. The story is … Read more

Watch This Kamisama Kiseki Trailer to Learn Why Kamisama Kiss Season 3 Is Popular

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The anime classic Kamisama Kiseki has finally come back with a third season. However, for those who have not watched the show, this is probably the last time you will hear of the show. So, it’s finally time to ask some deeper questions about where the franchise left off. Will there be another Kamisama Kiseki … Read more

The Hollow Man – What is it?

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Hollow Man is the sequel to the hit animated movie of the same name. The first movie of the series, made by Pixar, earned $2.75 million at the box office in March 2021. The second film, based on the first, takes us further into the idyllic forests and grasslands of Depression-era New York City. The … Read more

PelisFlix On Your Smart Phone

In late 2010, PelisFlix was launched by an Italian company called Actores. The product is marketed under several brand names (Pelis Originals, Pelisiquid, and PelisX), and the main product is the Original flavour. While there is considerable variation in the quality of the brands available, PelisFlix is a high performing product. Below I review three … Read more

One Of My Favorite Anime Figures – Nezuko figure

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Nezuko is a well known Japanese manufacturer of figure products. While the figurines/ Statues that they releases are huge and highly expensive, they always re really beautiful and drive home the details for their characters they re portraying. The newest giant Nezuko statue is no exception. The new statue features Nezuko bent over in a … Read more

Review of Aoki 19 Days – 19 days manga

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“19 Days” is a six-issue comic book series by Japanese artist Takao Aoki that runs in Shueisha’s Newtype magazine. In this newest release, drawn by Aoki, the story is told in a single issue. It is a part of the ongoing “One Week of manga” series. The story centers on a boy called Shinya Arasu … Read more

A Review Of The Mi Dispater El Futuro Android Phone – Ok google configurar mi dispositivo

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As we all know, the new Google phone, the Mi Pad, is packed with all the features one would find on an elite smartphone. It includes features such as Android interface, Gmail, Maps, Document Viewer, Blog Engine and many more. This high end phone also comes with a special feature called Ok Google. This feature … Read more

Love Is in the Air – Introducing the Season of Love With Christian Duncan – Christopher b duncan

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The author of a new book rightly states that “It’s Always Springtime Again: Lessons from the Month of Spring” by Christopher B Duncan is more than a “cookbook”. It is a road map to understanding and manifesting your love for God and your relationship with each other. This book provides a unique synthesis of wisdom, … Read more

Tidelands Season 2 Confirmed!

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A look into Tidelands Season 2 by award winning director Luc Jacquet is a promise for more of the same with an all new wave of villains to fight. In the first series, the main antagonist was a group of teenagers who formed a group that tried to take over the world and they were … Read more

Bleach – The Beginning – Book Review – Bofuri season 2

The second season of the hit anime BoFuri is already underway, and the cast is already looking pretty good. Most notably, Daisuke Enomoto who played the mysterious Shiki is back and kicking some serious butt. In fact, he and his supporting cast made the first season’s ending look like a video game. This time around, … Read more