Malang Review:’Malang’ is Combi of games, glam and thrills


Malang Movie Review: Advait meets Sara throughout his trip to Goa. She’s a free-spirited woman from London, who is currently visiting India for the first time and would like to live life while he’s a bit of an introvert. They are instantly attracted to each other and make a pact to get the most out of their time together.

Five decades later, Advait goes on a killing spree on Christmas night. Anjaney Agashe, a police officer who frequently does not comply with the law, a cop, and Michael Rodrigues, are currently on his trail. They go on a mad hunt for him. Uncovering the reasons behind the action of Advait is exactly what the rest of the movie is all about.

Malang Movie Cast

Aditya impresses in the role. He shows finesses and restraint . The actor’s physical transformation punches he pulls in the movie and adds weight to each of the kicks. Disha Patani makes most of her role, which is and looks stunning.

The chemistry between the lead pair is contagious. The ever-reliable Anil Kapoor is in prime shape and stuns in another act. He walks the fine line between being eloquent and over-the-top with ease. Kunal Kemmu is sincere and surprising .

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In Movie Malang none of his characters are unidimensional, making them interesting. The film begins with a action scene, and dives straight into the drama. What it does lack is a edit and dialogues that could elevate the story. The music proves to be one of its strong points, especially the title track, which stays with you after you leave the theatre.

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