Ananya Panday takes us to her debut film’s shot


In recent Bollywood movies Ananya won several accolades for giving a performance and even made heads turn with her phenomenal debut. Being a lover of behaving and the art, Ananya shares of what a rollercoaster of emotions the actress felt during her introduction a throwback!

Recent bollywood movies, Ananya pandey
Ananya Panday takes us to her debut film’s shot,
recent bollywood movies

Everything can be felt by us Ananya felt while for her introduction and everything fell into place eventually is that the introduction of Ananya and things was something she will remember and so would we!
Feeling sad for not getting her solo shot because of the rains, Ananya reminisces. “Tiger’s was a dance step and Tara’s was a wonder shot. In recent bollywood movies When it was my turn, it began raining. I got upset thinking I wouldn’t get to shoot, and that my day was destroyed. Everybody got to perform their scene. Fortunately, Punit changed mine into a indoor shot so everything worked out.”
On the work front, Ananya will be seen alongside Deepika Padukone and Siddhant Chaturvedi. Her film is Fighter, which also marks her PAN India release alongside Vijay Deverakonda.

Punit took me Tara to Mussoorie than everyone else. It was our first film and he wanted us to ease into it rather than being ambushed on the movie’s set.”

Ananya Panday recent bollywood movies

How the presence of Bhavana Panday and Manish Malhotra made it special for Ananya, she states,”For the sce2e. I was supposed to climb down the flight of stairs while recording myself singing on a telephone. My mother (Bhavana Panday) and Manish (designer and family friend) were there and that made it really special for me. Manish has been for a lot of actresses’ first shot. I just felt elated to be a part of that iconic list.”

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“Punit had promised all three people, (Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday) in recent bollywood movies all our first shots will be solo so that every of us gets to savour it’, adds Ananya.

Talking about her first shot Ananya adds,”Our first shot was supposed to be for the song Jatt Ludhiyane Da“.

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